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This page is dedicated to all those Men and Women who served, suffered and died in the Vietnam War, 1962-1973



Vietnam, The Ten Thousand Day War


The Vietnam War was the longest war in modern history. It raised political passion and moral controversy throughout the Western world, and played an important part in shaping the political destiny of not only Southeast Asia, but of the whole world.

There is still much misunderstanding of the true reasons for the war, as illustrated by the comparison of how both were perceived and reacted to what they thought (often erroneously) the other was getting up to, the way the tragedy evolved.

In Vietnam, there was the trauma of having to fight on while questioning the rationale, and then after - in the home coming - the devaluing of the soldier's sacrifice along with the cause

It was a different war only in that, without national valour, the soldiers were left without any feeling of individual honour - all too often left without any feeling at all, brutalized by the terrible sameness of war which in this case they could never redeem.



The IRC Channel, #AussieVets




#AussieVets has rapidly progressed over the past three-odd years, opened un-officially on the 28th June, 1997, by Brian Webster (Bigwebby), Roy Minier (roy22) and myself, Peter Gillett (|Hellfire). It's aim? To aid in the consoling of Vietnam Veterans, by Vietnam Veterans, and to talk to people who felt or feel the pain. We based the channel on the American version, #Vietnamvets on the same server, which has been operating since 1995. I was overcome with the therapuetic excellence of the channel, and the friendly nature of its users. I recall one night a whole bunch of vets, 10 in all, helped and consoled a female veteran who was commemorating the loss of her husband 25 years ago.. and I was amazed at the brotherly and sisterly love that Vietnam Veterans share.

And so, the channel is now operational. The IRC Program, mIRC is needed to access the channel, click here to download it. If any assistance is needed in the technical sense (or any sense) of joining the channel as a first-timer or a channel operator, please do not hesistate to mail me from the very bottom of this page. Be absolutely sure to check out our Channel Operator List.

A final message to our beloved veterans.


We feel you pain, we hear your cries, we love you, and the five-hundred, your friends, who died in service to our country.

Lest We Forget


Please take the time to visit "Verse of Vietnam", a collection of Vietnam War Poetry from Australians, Americans, and New Zealanders.

"Verses Of Vietnam"

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